MN Civil Procedure

Service of Process | MN Civil Procedure MN Civil procedure rule 4 pertains to service of process on an (a.) individual (b.) partnerships and associations (c.) a corporation (d.) the state (e.) public corporations. 4.03 Personal Service of Civil Process Civil procedure requirements of a summons, subpoena or any other court proceeding to be served […]

Process Server Challenges

Process servers face some interesting challenges Process servers will face obstacles while performing their duties. It comes with the territory. For instance the subpoena they have one day to get served but the person isn’t home or the order to show cause for the person that refuses to answer the door. There are cars in […]

Perception Isn’t Always Reality

A process-server knocks on a lot of doors in a day and I think it’s fair to speculate that most of the people getting served probably wish they hadn’t opened the door. Service of process agents are not going to be the most welcome guest. It’s not often after all that they come bringing awesome […]

State by State Recording Laws

This guide provides a quick reference to the specific provisions of each jurisdiction’s wiretap law. Article by MSI Detective Services It outlines whether one-party or all-party consent is required to permit recording of a conversation. In some instances, courts have provided further guidance on the law. State-by-State Recording Laws State-by-State Recording Laws This is only […]

4th of July | Did you know?

4th of July Fun Facts What animal did Benjamin Franklin supposedly prefer as the official national bird over the bald eagle? 1. cardinal 2. wild turkey 3. bald eagle 4. peacock How many hot dogs are consumed, on average, at barbecues on the Fourth? 1. 50 million 2. 100 million 3. 150 million 4. 200 million […]

MN Audio Recording Law

Can I Record a Conversation? Yes Audio Recording in Minnesota Article by Attorney Avery Appelman Lawyers get asked a bunch of questions at cocktail parties. Surprisingly often “someone told me” is the basis for some confidently held misinformation. “Can I record a phone call” is one of those questions. The short answer is “yes, if […]


Bing is no longer a search-engine blip By Matt Day Seattle Times REDMOND, Wash. – In Microsoft’s expensive, decadelong battle against Google’s search engine, no detail is too small. Derrick Connell, a Microsoft vice president in charge of the engineering side of the 4,000-person team that builds the company’s Bing Web search, takes work home […]

Mickey Zaun | Memorial Day

Mickey Zaun to be remembered on Memorial Day By Karla Wennerstrom Mickey Zaun Cheryl Zaun holds a photo of her son, Mickey. She points out the patch that indicates Mickey was a master parachutist, “the top of the heap,” she said. Cheryl Zaun of Eden Prairie is thankful that 10 years after her son […]