Serving Civil Process on an Inmate

It’s not unusual performing service of process on an inmate

Incarcerated defendants; It is not uncommon for the process server to serve civil process on an inmate. Sooner or later the process server will find himself in a prison or jail in order to do his job. How and the manner in which they are served is left to the discretion of the acting supervisor of the jail or prison warden.

In the Hennepin County jail for instance whom serves the inmate may depend on the charges the defendant is being held on. In one recent instance our process server was denied access to the individual because he was being held on murder charges and it was necessary to have the Sheriff serve the individual.

Many prisons in Minnesota grant process servers access to inmates, however there is usually specific protocol that must be followed. Our office would call the prison ahead of time and speak with the appropriate authority to discuss the required procedure. Service of process in prisons may require excessive waiting time due to the extraordinary circumstances and security obligations of the prison. Expect to pay a higher rate due to extended wait time for the process server at the facility.

MN Prison Inmate Security Level Chart