Process Server Evasion

Evasion; it comes with the territory of being a process server. If a defendant is expecting service they may not open the door or if they do they may lie to the process server telling him or her they aren’t the person the server is looking for, that they’ve never heard of John or Jane Doe.

Some people will attempt evasion to avoid being served a court order.

It happens all the time but there are ways for an experienced process server to quickly determine whether they have the defendant standing right in front of them or if they live there by coming prepared and armed with information. One method the server may use is social media. Just about everyone these days has a Facebook page that they upload pictures to. Vacation photos, Christmas with the family and so on giving little thought to who may be looking at their page.

Don’t bother avoiding the process server – the courts allow other ways for people to be served.

Our team of process servers are highly trained and skilled in getting parties attempting to evade service of process served. We pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve earned by consistently maintaining a mid to high 90% successful party served average. Sometimes it’s a game of cat and mouse and we usually have the advantage. We’re not perfect, we’ve missed a few but not without giving it some extraordinary effort. The long and short of locating your defendant and then actually making face to face contact with the party you’re attempting to serve is pretty simple; be more clever than they are and exercise patience. A little bit of luck now and then doesn’t hurt either.