Judge Who Had Process Server Arrested Brought Up On Charges

Judge Layne Walker surrenders JEFFERSON COUNTY — KFDM obtains mugshots of former judge, two Sheriff’s Office employees and a former employee, following their indictments by a grand jury overseen by a special prosecutor. Layne Walker, Tim Smith, Chad Kolander, Steven Broussard are all the men arrested. Walker was indicted for Abuse of Official Capacity, a […]

Service of Process Domestic/Foreign Companies

Service of Process for both Domestic and Foreign Companies Office of The Minnesota Secretary of State The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State will accept and forward service of process for both domestic and foreign companies. 1.  If the company is filed with our office, but could not be served at its registered office address, the document may be served […]

Serve Eviction Notice Via Email

Michigan Landlords May Soon Serve Eviction Notices via Email National Association of Legal Support Professsionals Posted by Jeff Karotkin Friday, March 20, 2015 A Bill in the Michigan Legislature introduced earlier this year, if passed would allow landlords to give notice of an eviction via email if authorized by a written agreement. House Bill 4038 […]

Serving Minnesota Eviction Summons

Notice is Given: Strict Compliance Required for Serving Eviction Summons By Ryan Dreyer & Eric Nasstrom www.Morrisonsund.com. EVICTIONS What is the law? In Koski v. Johnson, the Minnesota Court of Appeals recently held that service of an eviction summons must strictly comply with Minn. Stat. § 504B.331(d)(2), overruling its prior holding in Times Square Shopping […]

Getting Started with a Small Claims Court Case: Hiring a Minneapolis Process Server

Small case courts deal with civil cases between private litigants Consumer claims, minor property damage, loan repayment, inabilities to meet the terms of service contracts, eviction requests and restitution requests are all dealt with by small case courts. The specifics will vary from one state to another, which is why you have to examine local […]

The Role of the Minnesota Process Server in Tenant Eviction

Evicting tenants is quite unpleasant but such a procedure will become necessary on occasions You have rights protected by law and as a landlord, you need to be familiar with the limitations and the possibilities. Reasons for Tenant Eviction Several common problems necessitate tenant eviction. Nonpayment of rent is the most typical issue that landlords […]