Perception Isn’t Always Reality

A process-server knocks on a lot of doors in a day and I think it’s fair to speculate that most of the people getting served probably wish they hadn’t opened the door. Service of process agents are not going to be the most welcome guest. It’s not often after all that they come bringing awesome news. I’d like to believe however that most process servers being human and not exempt from feeling compassion when serving say, dissolution of marriage papers to someone are able to do so with a degree of sensitivity. Even if the party being served is expecting the papers, maybe even welcome them (yes, that happens more often than you may think), it’s just not an enjoyable task. I once served an 89-year-old woman divorce papers. I’m quite certain I’m going to hell for that one. But seriously, I’ve no clue what led to that couple’s marriage coming to an end nor is it any of my business. I’ve never walked away after having served an eviction notice feeling like a celebration is in order. Rather I’m just relieved my obligation has been fulfilled and want to make my exit as fast as possible.

Like most things though, there are generally two sides to every coin. Perhaps the husband just served divorce papers has been verbally and or psychologically abusing his spouse for years. Worse yet maybe the wife filed for divorce due to a history of physical abuse. If so, then a good deed has been done. In many cases the process-server may never know if the part they play in the justice system is for better or for worse. Perhaps it’s both. If a tenant is unable to pay his or her rent because they were laid off or an illness interrupted their ability to work, then that situation is regrettable however the process server will exercise due diligence and serve the eviction notice. But again the process-server likely won’t know the specific circumstances about the why of it. The flip side is that the landlord has every right to expect payment from the tenant regardless of the circumstances and if the server has done his/her job, for the landlord at least, a good deed is accomplished.

Process-servers routinely witness distressed persons and inevitably they play some small role in this event in their life. Still they stay able to carry out their duties with pride and dignity in spite of presenting devastating news to a complete stranger because the other side of the proverbial coin does exist. One role a server may play is finding and serving a dead beat dad who has a long history of ignoring his financial responsibility his children. To say the least, that is one of the most gratifying aspects of the job and there are many more.

For the ones that think process-servers are right up there with used car salesmen or phone solicitors well, you probably have a debt and are neglecting your obligation to pay. Your perception about the server standing in front of you is your reality but the truth is you aren’t playing by the rules and the ones that are playing by the rules, you’ve left them no choice but to file a lawsuit and you’re going to get served by the process-server. Knock knock.