Dissolution of Marriage

Process servers have experience serving sensitive divorce papers

Going through the early stage of the divorce process can be emotionally challenging, confusing and frustrating. Serving the divorce documents to a former partner can be one of the most problematic tasks. Relying on the services of a professional process server will simplify the process and help you end a troubled relationship quickly.

In addition, your assigned process server will have specialization in handling dissolution of marriage documentation and dealing with difficult clients. A spouse may be unwilling to accept the documentation and they may even be hard to locate. In such instances, a your process server will know how to guarantee the quick and efficient delivery of all necessary marriage dissolution paperwork.

Our process server will work with your attorney

Divorce Petition
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An individual interested in marriage dissolution will have to work with an attorney and a process server to get started. The attorney will prepare and file the necessary documents, while your process server will make sure that the paperwork is delivered to the other spouse. The lawyer will have to file the Summons and Petition, as well as all other forms needed by law.
All of the documents should have at least two copies – one for you and one for your ex-spouse. Once all the documents have been filled and submitted to court, you will need to choose the best method of serving your spouse. A Twin Cities Served process server is the right professional to hire, especially if you worry that your ex is going to evade being served. Your personal service agent will also be responsible for providing notarized proof of service detailing events during the service of process.