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Service of Process | MN Civil Procedure

MN Civil procedure rule 4 pertains to service of process on an (a.) individual (b.) partnerships and associations (c.) a corporation (d.) the state (e.) public corporations.

4.03 Personal Service of Civil Process

Civil procedure requirements of a summons, subpoena or any other court proceeding to be served within the state of Minnesota must be served in the following manner:

(a) Civil Procedure | Service of Process on an Individual. The process server will deliver civil process to the individual by personally handing to and leaving with the named party or by leaving a copy at the persons known home address with someone reasonable age who also resides at the same address as the party to be served.

If the individual being served has hired an attorney and designated them to receive civil process the state allows service of process in this manner. If the defendant is incarcerated the process server may or may not be allowed access to an inmate however the state allows service to the person designated within the institution to receive service on the inmates behalf.

(b) Civil Procedure | Service of Process on Partnerships and Associations. A partnership is two or more individuals who manage and operate a business together. An association is also defined as a group of individuals conducting business as a group such as a Home Owners Association. In this instance the process server will serve civil process to a board member or a person designated to receive service on the associations behalf. If the party has a registered agent, service would go to them.  

(c) Civil Procedure | Service of process on a Corporation. A process server will serve a corporation by delivering civil process to an officer of the company such as the CEO, CFO or often someone in the legal department authorized to accept service. If the corporation has a registered agent, the agent would accept service on their behalf.

(d) Civil Procedure | Service of Process on the State. If the state is named in a lawsuit the process server would serve civil process to the attorney general, deputy of the attorney generals office or the assistant attorney general. The current attorney general for the State of Minnesota is Lori Swanson. Their office is located at 1400 Bremer Tower – 445 Minnesota Street, St. Paul, MN 55101. Phone: (651) 296-3353 Hours: Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.

(e) Civil Procedure | Service of Process on a Public Corporation. A public corporation could be owned and operated by the government or a private corporation who offers shares that are traded on a stock exchange. The process server would serve the chair or person authorized to accept service for the board, the auditor, CEO or any member of the board.

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